Alvar Aalto Room Divider Pine Early Production 1930s

Beautiful and very early produced Alvar Aalto room divider, model 100, designed in 1936 and manufactured by Artek in the late 1930s. 


Hand-crafted of solid pine slats and twisted wires.


This early example is made of much thinner slats than the later produced ones.





  • Dimensions

    Width: 200 cm

    Height: 150 cm

  • Condition

    Very good to excellent condition considering the age. The screen shows some scratches and has some white color spots from touching the wall. It was left in the original condition but could be easily touched up if requested.  

    There are some minor chips on the edges.

  • Shipping

    Switzerland CHF 45.00
    Germany CHF 75.00
    Most EU Countries CHF 140.00
    USA CHF 200.00
    Canada CHF 190.00
    China & Hongkong CHF 230.00
    Japan  CHF 230.00
    New Zealand CHF 230.00
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