Richard Lindh Flower Pots Arabia 1960s
  • Richard Lindh Flower Pots Arabia 1960s

    Currently available Richard Lindh flower pots:
    •Large, diameter: 16.5 cm, height: 13.5 cm, SOLD
    •3x medium, diameter: 13.5 cm, height: 11.5 cm, CHF 80
    •Small, diameter: 11.5 cm, height: 10 cm, SOLD
    The pots were designed in 1964 by Richard Lindh for Arabia Finland. In production from 1964-1985. The offered models are from various dates, the stamps on the small and medium one came off, the large one is from an earlier 1960s production without date on the stamp.
    • Condition

      Very good condition with normal signs of use and age, some slight discolorations or scratches.

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