Arthur Pettersson Brass Candle Holders Sweden 1960s
  • Arthur Pettersson Brass Candle Holders Sweden 1960s

    Pair of rare Arthur Pettersson moon candle holders in solid brass, hand-crafted in Kolbäck, Sweden in the 1960s. 
    Brass nicely aged with minor scratches here and there. 
    - About Arthur Pettersson 
    1919 – 2015
    Was born in Kolbäck and lived there all his life. His career started at Metallverken where he got in contact with three men, who had been working at Skultuna, the renowned brass company, close to Kolbäck. These men were molding brass on their breaks during the workday. Arthur Pe got interested and started lathing brass during his breaks as well. And from there it just went on. People started to show interest in his work, the business grew and after some time he transferred his garage into a workshop.
    All of the candlesticks were made by Arthur Pettersson himself in his private workshop. He went there every day of his life, he always worked alone and he never retired, he just kept on doing what he loved the most, creating brass candlesticks.