Sven Wejsfelt Stoneware Bowl Blue Gustavsberg 1988
  • Sven Wejsfelt Stoneware Bowl Blue Gustavsberg 1988


    Unique Sven Wejsfelt bowl in delicate hand-thrown stoneware with a vibrant cornflower blue glaze. Made in Sweden in 1988.

    Diameter: 13 cm

    Height: 7 cm

    - About the artist

    Sven Wejsfelt was an apprentice of Gunnar Nylund at Rörstrand factory, where he started working as a porcelain painter - which he didn‘t like - in 1946. He threw stoneware for various other artists, such as Carl-Harry Stålhane, Hertha Bengtsson and Marianne Westman.

    In 1953 he started working at Gustavsberg factory for Stig Lindberg. That‘s when he changed his former last name, Johansson to Wejsfelt, since there were already three Sven Johansson at the factory.

    Since Stig Lindberg was a busy man teaching at the College of Arts, Sven Wejsfelt and another turner, got the confidence to develop new products in the style of Lindberg and to sign Stig Lindberg's art. From the mid-1960s Wejsfelt actually signed most of Lindberg's unique pieces. Wejsfelt also developed many glazes that are associated with Lindberg's unique pieces.

    He kept working for Lindberg for 17 years, until 1970, when it was revealed that the shapes of the dinnerware, that later became Lindberg's best seller ‚Birka‘ was stolen from Wejsfelt. Then, Wejsfelt became the director of Gustavsberg Studio. In 1977 he became an artist in his own name, with collections of stoneware pottery and animal figures.

    Wejsfelt’s signature glazes were cornflower blue, various colors of hares fur glaze, oxblood, soft blue and pale yellow. Miniatures were his specialty.